Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Take a time trip back to the 90's. Except that this is a modern band, from Brooklyn. Sounds like surf/psych rock with a dash of shoe gaze. Kind of like Yuck/the Raveonettes but with country influences.

Puritan 2:56
Harsh Realm 2:47 - this a free download on rcrdlbl.com search for it
Nightcrawlers 2:51 - BUY IT
In the Pines 3:50 - BUY IT
Limbs 3:27 - BUY IT
Gun Shy 3:54 - BUY IT
Hard Times 2:59
Fir Coat 2:38
Half Awake 3:03
Ghost Boy 4:44
Brain Freeze 3:13 - BUY IT
Burn Out 2:31 - THIS ONE

Shoegaze with country/rockabilly.

"Harsh Realm"
The Best and it's free on the internet. A smoke filled bar in the 90's in the southwest. So good. A song about a girl that is in love with a fellow that doesn't love her back. Sad girl music.

Sounds like a country version of The Raveonettes. Another great song that turns into an Indian country song? Very interesting to hear.

"In the Pines"
Drums, guitar, sexy female voice and trees what's not to love. This belongs in a Tarantino film.

About how to live. A good song that will help you. Like Yoda playing folk eerie music.

"Gun Shy"
Austin surf rock.
Sounds like a sophisticated version of texas or the southwest.
Fixing to get lost.
It's marvelous how country and backwoodsy Brooklyn kids can sound.

"Hard Times"
Good song to smoke to late at night.

"Fir Coat"
Channels the energy of Blink to power this song.
Makes you want to dance, but you don't know how.

"Half Awake"
Exactly what it sounds like.
Riding a 4wheeler in the badlands at night.
Yellow moon on your face.

"Ghost Boy"
Oh yeah.
He's dead and a ghost get it?
It's more about the other instruments than her right now.
Good organ and guitar, with her moaning.

"Brain Freeze"
You need it.
Great rhythm.
Guitar playing is good on this one.
My 2nd favorite.
Has punk rock feel to it.

"Burn Out"
We sleep in late.
Actually this is my Favorite song, even though it's technically a bonus song.
It's great.
Most people will be able to appreciate it.


  1. My favorite one was "Limbs" It indeed did help me. Awesome song and awesome post. Thanks!

  2. damn these songs are awesome :D happy new year dude