Monday, December 26, 2011

Beast Rest Forth Mouth by Bear in Heaven

I saw them play live at Pitchfork 2 years ago. I also saw LCD Soundsystem play, it was one of their last gigs; they are now retired. Bear in Heaven is an indie rock band from Brooklyn. This is their second album. I heard them play it live at Pitchfork. You felt every pound of the drums from the speakers. It was legit to dance and sway to this psychedelic noise rock with sexy hipster girls. The drummer for this band is legit. My friend and I decided that he is the only one that is cool enough to wear those hipster trash shades = wayfarers. Seriously, everyone man, woman, child, and dogs were wearing them. We get it you can afford stupid classes that you will hate in 2 months. But this drummer was beyond legit or deck as the hipsters used to say. That he can get away with wearing them. Drummer = Joe Stickney - hire him if you can he is a beast.

1. "Beast in Peace" 4:16 - BUY IT
2. "Wholehearted Mess" 3:02
3. "You Do You" 3:43 - BUY IT
4. "Lovesick Teenagers" 3:15 - BUY IT
5. "Ultimate Satisfaction" 4:25
6. "Dust Cloud" 5:57 - BUY IT
7. "Drug a Wheel" 3:14
8. "Deafening Love" 4:54 - BUY IT
9. "Fake Out" 3:14
10. "Casual Goodbye" 4:11

I bought the CD & the T-shirt for this.

"Beast in Peace"
A great start to the album. Which is way better than the first album. A rare feat but this album is worth buying. Seriously support this artist they need to be everywhere. "Thunder is expanding like your face into the ground. Thunder is expanding and the rain will wear you down. The best time were when we didn't need to think." The drums are exactly like thunder. This song = amazing when high and or when it is raining.

"Wholehearted Mess"
Good trash. Like finding a hot girl that is poor and dumb but tons of fun. Sounds like 80's synth with space noises and a guitar being tuned. Surprisingly good.

"You Do You"
Oh fuck, yes. This one. Drums and synths on this = your soul leaving your body. A good song to dance to. Sad song. "They want to forget that you were ever born. They want to reset that you were ever born." Crashing waves of sadness in the river of life.

"Love Sick Teenagers"
So good. When you look back on your teenage years, this is it. Good to dance to if you are a hipster and don't like to dance to electronica. "When you think you are too old and you think you know more and you know you know more. You'll be..." "We are falling straight down so turn us up loud and clear, before we crash into the ground." Legit.

"Ultimate Satisfaction"
Powerful. Buy it if you want.

"Dust Cloud"
So damn good. Guitars or whatever + synths and drums = amazing. Best LOVE SONG. "I want to kiss your mouth again and fill up everything I can. I want to blow you up and let you out. I'll show you how. I want I need I want I need a a a a....." Just put this on repeat, great noise rock. Smooth rocking. "I want to kiss your mouth again and hold on as long as I can. I need to fill you up and break you down a big dust cloud..."
So good.

"Drug a Wheel"
Industrial Tribal Music.

"Deafening Love"
1970'S Heroin noise rock. The guitar is powerful on this one. Dark synth. Then it goes into space.

"Fake Out"
It's ok. Then it gets better around 2:34.

"Casual Goodbye"
It's like flying. I'm glad they took the time to write a goodbye song for this album. This song sounds like a combination of the other songs. It's pretty great.

Go check them out.


  1. I like your blog alot because you always say some real ish and I love it..would definitely check the band out.. thanks for sharing!

  2. I can feel my ears being addicted to it already.

  3. Checked them out, good reccomendation thanks man