Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Take a time trip back to the 90's. Except that this is a modern band, from Brooklyn. Sounds like surf/psych rock with a dash of shoe gaze. Kind of like Yuck/the Raveonettes but with country influences.

Puritan 2:56
Harsh Realm 2:47 - this a free download on rcrdlbl.com search for it
Nightcrawlers 2:51 - BUY IT
In the Pines 3:50 - BUY IT
Limbs 3:27 - BUY IT
Gun Shy 3:54 - BUY IT
Hard Times 2:59
Fir Coat 2:38
Half Awake 3:03
Ghost Boy 4:44
Brain Freeze 3:13 - BUY IT
Burn Out 2:31 - THIS ONE

Shoegaze with country/rockabilly.

"Harsh Realm"
The Best and it's free on the internet. A smoke filled bar in the 90's in the southwest. So good. A song about a girl that is in love with a fellow that doesn't love her back. Sad girl music.

Sounds like a country version of The Raveonettes. Another great song that turns into an Indian country song? Very interesting to hear.

"In the Pines"
Drums, guitar, sexy female voice and trees what's not to love. This belongs in a Tarantino film.

About how to live. A good song that will help you. Like Yoda playing folk eerie music.

"Gun Shy"
Austin surf rock.
Sounds like a sophisticated version of texas or the southwest.
Fixing to get lost.
It's marvelous how country and backwoodsy Brooklyn kids can sound.

"Hard Times"
Good song to smoke to late at night.

"Fir Coat"
Channels the energy of Blink to power this song.
Makes you want to dance, but you don't know how.

"Half Awake"
Exactly what it sounds like.
Riding a 4wheeler in the badlands at night.
Yellow moon on your face.

"Ghost Boy"
Oh yeah.
He's dead and a ghost get it?
It's more about the other instruments than her right now.
Good organ and guitar, with her moaning.

"Brain Freeze"
You need it.
Great rhythm.
Guitar playing is good on this one.
My 2nd favorite.
Has punk rock feel to it.

"Burn Out"
We sleep in late.
Actually this is my Favorite song, even though it's technically a bonus song.
It's great.
Most people will be able to appreciate it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Beast Rest Forth Mouth by Bear in Heaven

I saw them play live at Pitchfork 2 years ago. I also saw LCD Soundsystem play, it was one of their last gigs; they are now retired. Bear in Heaven is an indie rock band from Brooklyn. This is their second album. I heard them play it live at Pitchfork. You felt every pound of the drums from the speakers. It was legit to dance and sway to this psychedelic noise rock with sexy hipster girls. The drummer for this band is legit. My friend and I decided that he is the only one that is cool enough to wear those hipster trash shades = wayfarers. Seriously, everyone man, woman, child, and dogs were wearing them. We get it you can afford stupid classes that you will hate in 2 months. But this drummer was beyond legit or deck as the hipsters used to say. That he can get away with wearing them. Drummer = Joe Stickney - hire him if you can he is a beast.

1. "Beast in Peace" 4:16 - BUY IT
2. "Wholehearted Mess" 3:02
3. "You Do You" 3:43 - BUY IT
4. "Lovesick Teenagers" 3:15 - BUY IT
5. "Ultimate Satisfaction" 4:25
6. "Dust Cloud" 5:57 - BUY IT
7. "Drug a Wheel" 3:14
8. "Deafening Love" 4:54 - BUY IT
9. "Fake Out" 3:14
10. "Casual Goodbye" 4:11

I bought the CD & the T-shirt for this.

"Beast in Peace"
A great start to the album. Which is way better than the first album. A rare feat but this album is worth buying. Seriously support this artist they need to be everywhere. "Thunder is expanding like your face into the ground. Thunder is expanding and the rain will wear you down. The best time were when we didn't need to think." The drums are exactly like thunder. This song = amazing when high and or when it is raining.

"Wholehearted Mess"
Good trash. Like finding a hot girl that is poor and dumb but tons of fun. Sounds like 80's synth with space noises and a guitar being tuned. Surprisingly good.

"You Do You"
Oh fuck, yes. This one. Drums and synths on this = your soul leaving your body. A good song to dance to. Sad song. "They want to forget that you were ever born. They want to reset that you were ever born." Crashing waves of sadness in the river of life.

"Love Sick Teenagers"
So good. When you look back on your teenage years, this is it. Good to dance to if you are a hipster and don't like to dance to electronica. "When you think you are too old and you think you know more and you know you know more. You'll be..." "We are falling straight down so turn us up loud and clear, before we crash into the ground." Legit.

"Ultimate Satisfaction"
Powerful. Buy it if you want.

"Dust Cloud"
So damn good. Guitars or whatever + synths and drums = amazing. Best LOVE SONG. "I want to kiss your mouth again and fill up everything I can. I want to blow you up and let you out. I'll show you how. I want I need I want I need a a a a....." Just put this on repeat, great noise rock. Smooth rocking. "I want to kiss your mouth again and hold on as long as I can. I need to fill you up and break you down a big dust cloud..."
So good.

"Drug a Wheel"
Industrial Tribal Music.

"Deafening Love"
1970'S Heroin noise rock. The guitar is powerful on this one. Dark synth. Then it goes into space.

"Fake Out"
It's ok. Then it gets better around 2:34.

"Casual Goodbye"
It's like flying. I'm glad they took the time to write a goodbye song for this album. This song sounds like a combination of the other songs. It's pretty great.

Go check them out.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Rhymes Saboteur

Sounds like:
Busta Rhymes & DMX that's as close as I can get. Rhymes really sounds like Rhymes. He just is, he does what he does. Ya'll need to check him out.

Gangasta Rap isn't dead. Rhymes is still throwing it down hard. If you are tired of rappers that wear skinny jeans. If you are tired of Lil Wayne. If you want a rapper to sound like a grown man, instead of a 9 year old. If you are tired of crumb snatching bitches being paper gangster then you need Rhymes. If you want something original something dope some thing old school; you need Rhymes. He will never rap with Justin Bieber he isn't a sell out or a bitch nigga like Ludacris.

Bros We Are - about lame ass rappers and the death of music.

You can find his music here: http://www.myspace.com/therhymesaboteur
and here: http://www.reverbnation.com/therhymesaboteur

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I looked hard so you don't have too: Kansas Bible Company

KBC was a college band that soon became a band, band. KBC formed in 2008 and in 2010 they formed their first album Adastraperaspera. I had heard a little bit about them before I saw them preform live at my towns old theatre. I went to listen to live music before going to parties. My best friend and I were amazed by what we heard. They sounded like the Kings of Leon & TV on the Radio combined, but better. The Horns are amazing, they've got a country twang. If you combined 1970's classic rock, country music and ska together that's what it might sound like.

"How to Build a Planet" - Classic KBC.
Their song "Zombie Faced" is amazing and is the best party song I've heard in a long time.
"Cigarette Mountain" - sad song, sounds like Grizzly Bear/Beirut
"Moderation" - "to hell with moderation, everything to infinity"
Then there is my favorite song. Seriously you want this on your ipod/computer right now!
The song: "Mathematics" - Jazz, pool ball, sweet sweet horns. Glorious good vibrations your ears and mind will be taken on a journey. For those that wake and bake you need this now. Like if John Mayer and jazz and reggae had a gangbang baby.
"Black Books" - wonderful country jazz love song. The type of Gospel rock and roll this nation needs. KBS is the music salvation we all need.
"Tension with Kansas" - how alternative country should be. If you hate the small town you live in listen to this.
"Creatures of the night" - Staying up all night every night. A great song to sway to, get your lighters out for this one bitches.
"Whiskey and Weed" - Great song about religious people that get down to party. Everyone parties some do it at home. We are all the same and all of these categories are just false separations.
"Gondor Primulon" - some sweet upbeat Jazz. So dance-able. Let the beat and melody overtake you. Guitars so fine, so beautiful. You need this.
"Young Professional" - some trippy psychedelic shit is taking place. Time and space melt and become one with a cactus. A lizard begins to sing and dance with a cobra. This song is beyond legitimate. None can challenge the legitimacy of this song.

Oh yeah these songs are very long. They are works of art and not made by a marketing department.

Yo what's happening music junkies out there!

I am brand new to the blogging business not new to the music listening experience. Here at heroin for your ears I work passionately to get you your daily fix. I will review albums and provide you with music playlists to check out. I will go back in time and incorporate fresh tracks to consume. You can find the majority of my new songs on the internet from the musicians themselves. I will strive to include interviews will upcoming musicians and bands. The look of this blog will improve with time. I will never cut playlists with trash pop music. Music genres we will listen to include Rap, Hip-hop, Punk, funk, rhythm and blues, indie, electronica, metal, country, americana, hardcore, reggae and many more genres.