Sunday, December 18, 2011

I looked hard so you don't have too: Kansas Bible Company

KBC was a college band that soon became a band, band. KBC formed in 2008 and in 2010 they formed their first album Adastraperaspera. I had heard a little bit about them before I saw them preform live at my towns old theatre. I went to listen to live music before going to parties. My best friend and I were amazed by what we heard. They sounded like the Kings of Leon & TV on the Radio combined, but better. The Horns are amazing, they've got a country twang. If you combined 1970's classic rock, country music and ska together that's what it might sound like.

"How to Build a Planet" - Classic KBC.
Their song "Zombie Faced" is amazing and is the best party song I've heard in a long time.
"Cigarette Mountain" - sad song, sounds like Grizzly Bear/Beirut
"Moderation" - "to hell with moderation, everything to infinity"
Then there is my favorite song. Seriously you want this on your ipod/computer right now!
The song: "Mathematics" - Jazz, pool ball, sweet sweet horns. Glorious good vibrations your ears and mind will be taken on a journey. For those that wake and bake you need this now. Like if John Mayer and jazz and reggae had a gangbang baby.
"Black Books" - wonderful country jazz love song. The type of Gospel rock and roll this nation needs. KBS is the music salvation we all need.
"Tension with Kansas" - how alternative country should be. If you hate the small town you live in listen to this.
"Creatures of the night" - Staying up all night every night. A great song to sway to, get your lighters out for this one bitches.
"Whiskey and Weed" - Great song about religious people that get down to party. Everyone parties some do it at home. We are all the same and all of these categories are just false separations.
"Gondor Primulon" - some sweet upbeat Jazz. So dance-able. Let the beat and melody overtake you. Guitars so fine, so beautiful. You need this.
"Young Professional" - some trippy psychedelic shit is taking place. Time and space melt and become one with a cactus. A lizard begins to sing and dance with a cobra. This song is beyond legitimate. None can challenge the legitimacy of this song.

Oh yeah these songs are very long. They are works of art and not made by a marketing department.

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